when you give a girl a contract

written by Ed Hirtzel

I am that very witch, motherfucker!
All sea-smelling hag, and I eat
children, and bird bones, and that weird
shit that looks like arugula but is not
arugula because I can’t fucking buy
arugula because the currency we deal in
melts cash register drawers.
I shed my skin and dance with no teeth in.

I run naked in the woods, but not
in the fun way, in the slaughtered-a-goat-wrong
way, in the late-for-blood-rites way. I keep old skin
in a jar. I ate the whole salmon. I hex preemptively.

I don’t want to live deliciously!
I want quiet hills and loud wolves and no shoes! I want panic!
I want an end to car alarms and a pyre for every death cult!
I have a problem with your kink, specifically!
I want jaws unhinging into more jaws until you
rise hypnotized onto your back legs to greet deeper oblivion!
And I want this farm

Ed Hirtzel is a first year graduate student at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Moraga, CA who enjoys spending time with the editor of Ramblr magazine on the weekends and pretending to fit in with a sea of religious students during the week days.

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