written by Pedro Perez

Purple grey scales
Dry dead scales barnacles
Breathing slowing down
Thick hair matted in seaweed locks
Ocean spewed a dying mermaid

(the boy)
running keep running
After school, the boys chased me..
“weirdo, freak, pato”
they screamed with their angry  fists
they filmed him getting beat up

As the sores open
So did the audacity
Flashing camera
Selfies with the mermaid corpse
 the seagulls pecked the eyes

Apathy births cruelty.

Pedro Perez is from San Pablo, California but was born in San Francisco. Their parents are from Mexico/El Salvador. They are a first-generation college graduate, hood living, queer being, who dabbles in Poetry and Short Stories. They enjoy succulents, tea, caffeine, libraries, cats and the bizarre. Their philosophy when it comes to writing is to mix the fantasy with the reality, the bizarre with the ordinary, the surreal with the harsh sober view of reality. You can find them( He pronouns are sometimes cool) in your dreams if you conjure him or in a local library roaming the shelves. 

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