written by Sharon Scholl

A fragment from the future
one shapeless moment hung in time
certain as a winter storm

that undefined dread that roams
through dreams and waking
ready to take on a when and where.

An inattentive instant   sun-blind
on a speed-blurred interstate
a cracked rung on a kitchen ladder

slipped shoe on a cobbled street
brown mole turned mottled
one diseased mosquito.

Suddenly  there it is –
that event after which they say
she was never herself again.

Sharon Scholl is a retired college professor of humanities and selected world cultures who convenes a poetry critique group and serves on several civic and arts boards.  She is an associate of the Atlantic Center for the Arts.  Her new chapbook is Unauthorized Biographies (via Amazon).  Individual poems are current in Lunch Ticket and Oyster River Pages.

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