written by Kenyan Rockey

Against the door,
or its framework, down
my middle,
Left knee pressed to the wall beyond and
upper thigh;
My hand braces the frame, looking in.
It’s almost forced as I’m
brimless, breathless, or
just less. Left breastbone, mine,
is reflective in its position of the same knee, voids
crawling through my tailbone and my pelvis. You’re

there. With your cool and
Your stare of sensation a monument in your vision,
to share a singular.
indistinct touch.  

Kenyan Rockey is a young, aspiring poet and writer. Constantly jotting down verse, Rockey tends to post snippets of his poetry on the popular social media outlet Instagram. Rockey’s personal pastime is generally spent contemplating philosophies, staying caught up on political news, long scenic drives, jamming out to jazz, and enjoying the company of others. Kenyan Rockey resides in the Northern California city of Susanville.

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