Memory Mausoleum

written by Ricky De Guzman

The answer to a pile of books on every corner 
is a 30 second news cycle 
a mirror hates to see a butterfly effect, 
a feedback loop I call an opportunity 
a one page poem that takes a lifetime to master— 

to become a broken derelict in its prime 
caught in a jar and left aside with no room to grow 
the culturati sinks from the top layer of an oil painting. 

Museums in the city is the danger of realism 
a touch of civil unrest with tv faces. 
or leave enough room for the artists to offer more of themselves 
or panic for a second in a junkyard of dreams 
or become an imposter to the world, the mirage of redevelopment. 

The ticket in your hand to destroy art 
an esoteric repeat of a generation 
a dining room becomes bigger than life 
and mocks the flavor of art.

Born in Manila, raised in Los Angeles, Ricky De Guzman is a graduate student at San Francisco State University. He makes paper airplanes and hopes they can float upside down. 

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