written by Jamie Townsend

Rejoice for I am endless in a garter belt and slip, rejoice!

Trace Peterson

I first saw my horizon in the foothills of Boulder

Exuberant sky unable to hold the rain, each afternoon in a cafe

Sat my ass on the sun, listened to Lingua Ignota, put down Bataille

I read Wrong

And watch the arc of a puckering asshole form it’s own microclimate

We worshiped a faith of inversion

These dizzying heights are super religious

Each day a storm that fizzles into crystalline detail

Our stubborn look frozen by a coat of chemical spray

Clump of hair stiff as agave

Nihil of endless abundance

Stretching I pressed my frock between earth and heaven

Our body invents warmth

I read Cunt Ups on the edge of a fire pit

In a land of perpetually unhealthy air

Supple lungs like flat spinarets of cotton candy

Listen to Fields of Rhye and my heart disintegrates

Wake up sucking on a stone bowl like an unwashed toe

Giddy as an empty shirt 

That billows my torso into an aerie outline

I was a fire break, a pergola, a technicolor cairn

The biggest selfie attraction the desert has to offer

Ugo’s Seven Magic Mountains in the flesh

An oil stain, a crease

An unreal pink blanketing the sierras at dusk

There’s a line that says Do Not Cross, a flimsy string

And I can’t escape this border of self mythologizing

But I want the poise of what’s forbidden, its deceptive stillness

I want to hold shadows, dirt in all its windswept formations

Our throat a slab of rock in Death Valley

Your touch a sudden cloudburst

Jamie Townsend is a genderqueer poet and editor living in Oakland. They are half-responsible for Elderly, a publishing experiment and hub of ebullience and disgust. They are the author of several chapbooks including, most recently, “Pyramid Song” (above/ground press, 2018), as well as the full-length collection Shade (Elis Press, 2015). An essay on the history and influence of the literary magazine Soup was published in The Bigness of Things: New Narrative and Visual Culture (Wolfman Books, 2017). They are the editor of ‘Beautiful Aliens: A Steve Abbott Reader’ (Nightboat, 2019) and ‘Libertines in the Ante-Room of Love: Poets on Punk’ (Jet Tone, 2019).

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