TO J.C (A Dirty American)

written by Pedro Perez

Should lighting strike you, let it strike you on American Dirt.
Should Inspiration strike you, let it be strike you on the backs of undocumented folks.

Grab some tierra(dirt) and mold it—with trauma porn. 
Add flakes of chili pepper and the scent of Speedy Gonzales armpit and the lemony breath of Slow Poke Rodriguez.

Let the news of narcos, quinceneras, and telenovelas—light you up like the neon signs of TACO BELL.

I hope you land on the dirt- that you fantasize—the ones that reminds of infanticide—–SEE I TOO CAN, Indulgence in trauma porn—SEE I TOO CAN, give “voice to the voiceless” while lining my pockets with dollars—SEE I TOO CAN, Indulgence in trauma porn, while drawing Aztec prints on my H&M sleeve—See I too can, indulgence in trauma porn, while the thorns of barbed wire penetrate my brow. Crown of barbed wires that take the center piece of the party table.

Should Lighting Strike you—Let it strike you on American Dirt. 

Pedro Perez is from San Pablo, California but was born in San Francisco. Their parents are from Mexico/El Salvador. They are a first-generation college graduate, hood living, queer being, who dabbles in Poetry and Short Stories. They enjoy succulents, tea, caffeine, libraries, cats and the bizarre. Their philosophy when it comes to writing is to mix the fantasy with the reality, the bizarre with the ordinary, the surreal with the harsh sober view of reality. You can find them( He pronouns are sometimes cool) in your dreams if you conjure him or in a local library roaming the shelves. 

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