written by KOKUMO

You’re brilliant, but problematic.

So stop thinking that an ability to elucidate how you are oppressed, means you don’t have to investigate the manners in which you oppress others with the little bit of privilege you do have.

This goes to all the social justice starlets, worshipped in their own little corners of the world.

Hailed as the messiah because of how beautifully you speak about how wrong you’ve been done, and how it’s so wrong that you’ve been done wrong.


Don’t stop.

They need you to do that work.

But I need you to see how you do me wrong.

-Signed A Black Trans Woman Tired Of Social Justice Cliques & The Oppressed Oppressors

KOKUMO is a musician, poet, and legendary trans rights activist. And she’s also pleased as punch that you enjoyed her poem.

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