I’m Fine

written by Luke Baxter


JACK (30s) sits in a pew, surrounded by fellow MOURNERS.

Everyone is dressed elegantly. They all wear BLACK.


I miss you.

A PREACHER is giving a sermon from the pulpit.

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Marie of Nowhere

written by Cheyenne Maier

Marie was born in Hülles. But Marie was not Marie of Hülles, she didn’t stay long enough.

When she was laid in her crib for the first time, a fairy looked in the window and thought, “So ugly, so wrinkly, she looks just like Great Aunt Mauve!” And while the midwife was cleaning up, the mother was resting, and the father was in the next room toasting the family for the health of his seventh child, the fairy switched Marie with dear, old, dying Great Aunt Mauve. Great Aunt Mauve was fed and coddled for two weeks before passing away in her sleep in the human house—a preferred way to go among the fairy folk—and the family mourned her death without even realizing it wasn’t Marie.

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