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Older Contests

Quarantine Chapbook Contest

Submissions are closed. Check back soon to see the winner!

Ramblr presents its first ever chapbook contest!

Have you been inspired to write during this global pandemic? Did you accidentally write a book during quarantine? Or have the injustices in the world weighed heavily on you, pushing you to write your feelings?

We want to publish your quarantine chapbook. And, if you haven’t been motivated to write, let this call for submissions inspire you to!

Winner will receive:

  • professionally designed book
  • 10 free physical copies (booklet style, staple bound)
  • 1 free PDF version
  • 70% of profit for one year of your chapbook (Ramblr retains 30% of sales to cover point of purchase, website hosting, and software fees)

Submission guidelines:

  • send fiction, poetry, or essays before the deadline of September 30th, 2020
  • minimum 20 pages, maximum 40 pages
  • chapbook must be written recently (After February 2020 for United States submissions)
  • only send submissions on the topics of COVID-19, isolation, fear of illness, Black Lives Matter protests, fascism, or another major current event

Email submissions to

Include the following in your submission:

  • 1 submission (20-40 pages)
  • Name, age, State/Country of residence
  • 1 page cover letter detailing what current event your work is about and its importance to you or the world
  • Answer:
    • Do you have an idea about cover art?
    • When was your work written?

Submissions are open internationally. One winner will be selected.

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