• Who can submit?

Anyone can submit to Ramblr.

  • I submitted, when will I get published?

Just because you have submitted does not guarantee publication.

  • How much work can I submit to Ramblr?

New as of July 2020: Submission sizes have been reduced.

Poetry- 5 page max per poem, 5 submission max 

Fiction- 20 page max per story/chapter, 5 submission max 

Art- 10 page max for comics, 10 submission max 

  • How is Ramblr published?

Ramblr will most likely be published in a digital version. It is incredibly difficult to fundraise money to print something that will not make a profit whatsoever.

We generously had one donation of half of our cost to print issue 2, which is why there are physical copies of that magazine available to buy. With out that one donation, we would not have printed issue 2. Please do not expect us to print the issue you will be published in.

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  • Where can I buy Ramblr?


Note: Due to a significant technical error, Ramblr unfortunately can no longer sell issues at only $1 with a pay-what-you-want feature. I have made the difficult decision to price all PDF purchases at $5. As someone who grew up in poverty, I wish to make Ramblr as affordable as possible. If you cannot afford a $5 purchase, please reach out to me at ramblrmagazine@gmail.com with a couple details about your situation and I will give you a discount code.

If you can afford a $5 purchase but wish that Ramblr would not charge for the magazine because of your own opinions, I assure you we will not agree. The editors and I put in a combined more than 1,000 hours of work into each issue and dedicate 9 months – 1 year of our time and mental capacity to this magazine. That $5 never goes into any of our pockets and is always reinvested into the magazine. You are not entitled to free art if you can afford to pay for it.

  • What do I get if I am published? 

If there is a digital version of the issue will be published in, you will get one free copy of that PDF.

If there is a print version, you will receive one to two free copies of the issue depending on our budget for that issue. Aleesha will email you if you are published in that issue and make it abundantly clear whether there is a print or digital version for that issue. It is not our fault if you do not read the emails thoroughly because we do send out this information as clearly as possible. 

  • When will I know if I am being published or not?

You will know within a few months of when our submission period ends. Please try not to email us until two months after the submission period ends and you have not heard from us.

Our submission window is currently CLOSED. It will open again in Fall 2020.

  • Can I submit work that has previously been published?

If you do submit work previously published elsewhere, it should undoubtedly be revised in a huge way. It should not in any circumstances be the exact same work that was published somewhere else.

  • Does Ramblr accept simultaneous submissions?

Yes we do, but if you do not tell us as soon as possible when something is accepted elsewhere we reserve the action to not work with you again in the future. It is incredibly frustrating to accept a work and find out that it is not available anymore and had not been available for months without any notice to us.

  • Could I win any awards?

Two people in each category will win the Ramblr Fiction Award, Ramblr Poetry Award, or Ramblr Art Award first place or runner-up awards chosen by various esteemed artists and writers.

  • Do I have to qualify for anything before I submit?

No, you just have to follow our submission format on our Submit page to be considered for publication.

  • What is the contract that I have to sign once I’ve been published? 

If you’ve been selected for publication, you will have to sign a contract with some honor-system parameters such as do not republish this work unedited in other journals, please wait 30 days past the date of publication to submit the work (edited) to other journals, credit Ramblr as a place you’ve been published in future biographies, etc. This contract is in no way legally binding, so technically, you can break the rules of it. Breaking the rules comes with consequences such as being blacklisted though. So the ball is in your court. 

Ramblr also reserves the right to cancel your publication at any time. If new information arises outing you as a terrible person, Ramblr will absolutely cut all ties with you. If you are disrespectful to any editors, other contributors, or the publication as a whole, Ramblr will not hesitate to remove your work from our publications without question or consultation. We are providing you a free service, if you wish to mistreat someone who is doing you a favor, do not let it be anyone or thing associated with Ramblr. 

  • Does Ramblr retain first publication rights?

Yes, this means that your work should not appear in any other publications unedited. If it is edited and revised, then please, by all means, republish that work elsewhere. Please make sure to credit Ramblr as a place you’ve been published (as your contract states).

  • I have an issue with Ramblr retaining first publication rights because it is a small publication. What should I do?

The best course of action is to keep those opinions to yourself and continue on your journey of publication. We quite simply do not care whether you have an issue with us retaining first publication rights or not.

  • What is Ramblr?

Ramblr is a literary magazine based out of the writing culture of San Francisco. We publish work once a year. Our submission window is open for about 5 to 6 months each fall.

  • Can I become an editor for Ramblr if I don’t live in the Bay Area?

Yes! We encourage people to apply for any open positions. You can find out if there are open positions on our Staff page.