Our hand selected team is comprised of the following roles: 

Aleesha Lange Chief Editor

Kelly Rota & Valeri Alamania Fiction Editors

Crystal Roth-Sepez & Erika Alvarez Art Editors

Sage Scrittore Poetry Editor

Tenzin Yeshi Quarantine Chapbook Editor

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How to Apply

Please send an email to with the follow information:

  • A resume highlighting any experience with editing or publishing as well as any skills or honorable mentions related to the position you’re applying for
  • A one page cover letter stating why your presence can help Ramblr succeed, information about you as a person, and information about your group project skills

Please write the cover letter on a word document in Georgia single spaced 12 pt. font.

After you have sent in this information to us, we will contact you further about your application.