How To Submit

SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN! September 15, 2020 – January 15th, 2021

Please remove your name from all submissions.

Please send submissions from an email address you check often. Remember that this email will be the one that we communicate with you about your submissions.

Ramblr may have your submission for more than 6 months before you hear back from us with a decision due to our editing schedule. Until you get a response from us after the submission deadline passes, there will be no updates for your work. Click here to read our FAQ for more information.

If you did not get an automated email sent back to you from, we have not properly received your submission and you need to resubmit it before the deadline passes. Do not send submissions to They will not be counted.

Poetry- 5 page max per poem, 5 submission max 

Fiction- 20 page max per story/chapter, 5 submission max 

Art- 10 page max for comics, 10 submission max 

Do not send us .pages file types, please convert them.  

Please keep your author’s biography under 100 words and make sure it is in the third person. 


“Aleesha Lange is a graduate student at San Francisco State University. She writes mostly fiction, but enjoys reading poetry. You can find her on weekends hanging out with her girlfriend in the garden at Wild Side West, a San Francisco lesbian bar in Bernal Heights.”

If your work is accepted to Ramblr, you have the opportunity for your work to be read by esteemed judges in each genre. A judge will choose one winner and one runner-up in each genre for the Ramblr Genre Awards. 

Send your author bio and submissions to

Good luck submitting! 

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How It Works

When you submit to Ramblr, Aleesha (chief editor) removes your name from the submission and sends it to the editors blind.

Editors then read submissions and choose which they would like to publish.

Aleesha reaches out to the accepted authors. Depending on the submission pool, if you have submitted but do not hear from Ramblr by the end of two months passed the submission deadline, it is safe to say that your work was not accepted.

If you are chosen for publication, we will send you a list of possible edits to be made to your work that need your attention. You will also receive a contract that you must sign stating that this work is original, yours, and unpublished elsewhere. Ramblr retains first publication rights. Your piece will be edited using a comprehensive CMS style guide for publication. The edits made during this read over are purely grammatical. 

We use InDesign to make our magazine, so there are a lot of uniform edits such as spacing, alignment, typeface, and size that we decide beforehand which cannot be changed. We take into consideration of the length of a piece and try our hardest to keep the spacing of each piece as honorable to the submission as possible.