written by Daniel Moore

The moment Mercy spilled over me
like an unrepentant dam, there were

seismographic shifts in my lips & eyes
as the world paused beneath my feet

& she splashed on every word.

DNA Darling

written by Daniel Moore

Fascinated by your moving parts,

the life undone by a crime unsolved,

how it worships the body’s unforgivable stain,

sprawled out & spread open on a stranger’s glass.


Isn’t this why the blood’s crimson story

is able to tell the truth I can’t, or maybe I won’t?

Either way, your true confessions

lock me up in a calcium cell guarded by other’s lies.


Of course, you, darling, need no one’s permission

to make the body a hostile accomplice

at any suspicious scene. You’re turned on by

the needle’s tongue pricking my conscience to speak