written by Jamie Townsend

Someday I will be 

a sad old man crying to Frankie Avalon

Someday mid aria I’ll snap out of this trance

Someday I’ll find the right dose

Someday I’ll eat the placenta

Someday I’ll start bleeding

Someday I’ll stop having sex altogether

Someday I’ll be swept off my feet

Someday this dress will actually fit

Someday I’ll be an independent woman crying to Dolly Parton

Someday I’ll have my cake and eat it too

Someday my ass will lose its definition

Someday I will be a child again crying myself to sleep

Someday this cup will overflow

Someday my breasts will swell

Someday my cock will wither into dust

Someday I’ll stop growing

Someday I’ll have a real fur coat

Someday bacteria will eat me from the inside out

Someday I’ll meet my long lost twin

Someday we’ll trade places

Someday this romance will be mythic

Someday I’ll be Dennis Cooper

Someday I’ll be Britt Marling

Someday The Bastard will pale in comparison

Someday everyone I know will be gone

Someday Euphoria will win everything

Someday I will be a heart knowing what it wants

Jamie Townsend is a genderqueer poet and editor living in Oakland. They are half-responsible for Elderly, a publishing experiment and hub of ebullience and disgust. They are the author of several chapbooks including, most recently, “Pyramid Song” (above/ground press, 2018), as well as the full-length collection Shade (Elis Press, 2015). An essay on the history and influence of the literary magazine Soup was published in The Bigness of Things: New Narrative and Visual Culture (Wolfman Books, 2017). They are the editor of ‘Beautiful Aliens: A Steve Abbott Reader’ (Nightboat, 2019) and ‘Libertines in the Ante-Room of Love: Poets on Punk’ (Jet Tone, 2019).

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